Devin Lockett is an entrepreneur, professional consultant, and multidisciplinary artist. He is the founder and president of the BiomedRx Group of companies, including BiomedRx Inc., The BiomedRx International Service Network, The BiomedRx Organization, The BiomedRx Exchange, BiomedRx Fitness, The BiomedRx Health Center, BiomedRx Information Technology, The BiomedRx Institute, BiomedRx Pharmaceuticals, BiomedRx Productions, and BiomedRx Sport. He is the lead designer and president of the fashion brand Kaliano Romeo. He is also a film auteur (Director, Director of Photography, Actor and Producer) and president of Lockett Pictures and Lockett Productions, the producer of The Tunnel.

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  Devin Lockett     Professional Consultant  
          8306 Wilshire Blvd.       Suite 777         Beverly Hills,     CA     90211  
  (424) 204-2382   Devin's home page:  
  Devin Lockett     Professional Consultant  
          8306 Wilshire Blvd.       Suite 777         Beverly Hills,     CA     90211  
  (424) 204-2382   Devin's home page:  
Devin Lockett Devin Lockett Director, Actor, Artist, Webmaster, Search Engine Optimization Strategist, Model, Consultant, Fashionista, Photographer, Healthcare Technology Management Specialist. VidSearch Marketing VidSearch Marketing Search Engine Optimization, Web Video Production, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Google Plus Authorship, YouTube Channel Marketing, Ecommerce Management, Conversion Rate Maximization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Pay Per Click Management, Website Monetization, Email Marketing, Website Spokesmodels, Reputation Management, Data Mining. Lockett Productions Lockett Productions Film, Video and Internet production services. Lockett Pictures Lockett Pictures Lockett Pictures is the cinematic distribution company of director Devin Lockett. The Tunnel TV The Tunnel TV The Tunnel is an international crime drama created by director Devin Lockett. BiomedRx Inc. BiomedRx Inc. BiomedRx Healthcare Technology Solutions Inc. is a biotech firm that focuses on improving the quality of healthcare on a global scale. We accomplish this by providing cutting-edge healthcare technology solutions to healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers. We specialize in medical equipment engineering services and healthcare information technology. The BiomedRx International Service Network The BiomedRx International Service Network An international consortium of independent service organizations that provide maintenance support for biomedical, medical imaging, and scientific laboratory equipment. The BiomedRx Organization The BiomedRx Organization Improving the quality of healthcare around the world, through the introduction of innovative healthcare technology solutions. The BiomedRx Exchange The BiomedRx Exchange The BiomedRx Exchange is a clearinghouse for new and pre-owned medical equipment, technology products and medical consumable supplies. BiomedRx Fitness BiomedRx Fitness BiomedRx Fitness provides products and services to promote a healthy lifestyle. Our services include personal training and consultation in body sculpting, resistance training, yoga, and Pilates, life coaching and neurofeedback training for peak mental performance. The BiomedRx Health Center The BiomedRx Health Center The BiomedRx Health Center is a state of the art healthcare facility that focuses on a holistic approach to health. Our philosophy emphasizes a taking proactive approach to wellness, as opposed to the reactive approach, of the management of illness. BiomedRx Information Technology BiomedRx Information Technology BiomedRx Information Technology provides computer, networking and cyber security services with an emphasis on healthcare information technology. The BiomedRx Institute The BiomedRx Institute The BiomedRx Institute provides education and training in the disciplines of healthcare technology management and health information technology. BiomedRx Pharmaceuticals BiomedRx Pharmaceuticals BiomedRx Pharmaceuticals provides natural pharmaceutical products, information and networking for the compassionate care community. BiomedRx Productions BiomedRx Productions Biomedrx Productions is a full service film, video, internet and new media production company, located in Beverly Hills, California. BiomedRx Sport BiomedRx Sport BiomedRx Sport is your online resource for the competition and executive level athlete alike. We provide professional quality sporting gear, videos, books and supplements to help our members and clients accomplish their fitness and performance goals.