A businessman with vision, integrity, passion,
creativity, and a commitment to excellence.

Devin Lockett excels in the fields of healthcare, media, fashion, and the arts.
He has been the proprietor of art galleries, biotech firms, educational institutions, production companies, design firms, and healthcare centers.

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Devin Lockett

Healthcare Technology

The president of BiomedRx Inc., BiomedRx Supplements, and the BiomedRx Health Center, Devin Lockett is a holistic health practitioner and healthcare technology consultant. He has provided engineering solutions for healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers. He presently performs neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback), cranial electrotherapy stimulation, and biomagnetic pair therapy, among other hi-tech holistic health solutions.

Devin Lockett

Fine Art

Devin has a long history as a fine artist (painting, sculpture, photography, relief and performance art). He has studied at Bellas Artes del San Fernando in Madrid, and the Otis Institute of Parson’s School of Design in Los Angeles. He has also run his own gallery in downtown, Los Angeles.

Voice Over

Devin has a smooth and captivating voice. He has been featured in his own radio show, BiomedRx Radio on AM 590 in the Inland Empire, California. You can listen to his commercial voice demo, below.

Devin Lockett

Media Production

Devin is a film auteur; director and DP, as well as a trained and experienced actor.

Devin Lockett

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